Our products are a benchmark in the local market

We are leaders in quality and market share. The changes and growing demand moved us to seek new alternatives in materials and design, working together with our customers to reach innovative solutions. We have over 2000 customers belonging to demanding markets as diverse as: appliances, agribusiness, automotive, gas, compressed natural gas, oil, electricity, etc. 

Specifically we are the undisputed market leader in truly revolutionary products for water networks. We offer a large stock of standard parts and we develop products starting from drawings and/or samples, or from our own blueprints made with modern softwares like Autocad and 3D Solid Edge. 

In addition to the quality required by the ISO 9001 certification, we have a modern production and stock management system. Our technology provides traceability of our products and logistics integration. We have continuous presence in demanding external markets such as Europe and Latin America. We have recently incorporated an area of 2000 m2, for greater integration and operability with the existing plant. In this way we reconcile tradition and experience with modern technology and new materials.