Industrial Part Production

Turning and Machining centers.

In our establishment we have a modern CNC machine campus that allows us to manufacture almost any piece requested by our customers.

Plastic injection:

Our full equipment of injection molding machines offers a significant elasticity in addressing varied volumes and runs for all parts. We offer assistance in development.

Our technical department is ready to assist in product development, through the experience we have accumulated over the years coupled with the ongoing modernization of our process. We have implemented a production process capable of manufacturing almost any part, with significant savings in costs and manufacture time.

Klinger is a company in constant expansion that is always looking for new challenges. We started manufacturing plastic and bronze valves and connections but we expanded to all kinds of parts for various industries, in a large variety of materials ranging from copper to nylon.


Over the past 50 years KLINGER acquired a varied and flexible machine set, enabling us to meet almost any need of our clients in machine turning and plastic injection.

Here we leave a small list of the most important machines and their characteristics.

Injection machines
Closure strength Distance between columns Injection capacity Mold thickness
  Min  Max
320 Tn 660 x 660 mm. 1.007 Kg 220 660
300 Tn 660 x 660 mm. 0,960 Kg 200 655
180 Tn 500 x 500 mm. 0,490 Kg 180 500
80 Tn 350 x 300 mm. 0,113 Kg 130 320
80 Tn 350 x 300 mm. 0,113 Kg 130 320

Total 12 lathes with bar feeder   Total 19 lathes with bar feeder
1 double spindle 7 axes chalet   Step bar 25, 36 and 60
1 double spindle 2-axis motorized turret   With turret milling thread, cilinder maker and bi-spindle
Standard turret 7    
1 with plate indexer  
1 Automatic type  
1 bank    
    Sheeter threads
  CNC machining centers     Thread mill
CNC machining center 3-axis rotary table   Features Injectors
Transfer table with 5 stations    
Transfer 2 positions + 6 spindles